Crash Courses (and Discounts) to Make You a Better Freelancer


We know freelancing is hard work. You’re already on the hook to find find customers, do the job, and get paid. Then, on top of all your normal work, you have all sorts of additional decisions to make that a traditional employee never has to think about. Taxes are a big part of that. But decisions around incorporation, healthcare, and cash flow management are also critical to being a successful freelancer.

That’s why we teamed up with Fiverr Elevate. Put together by our friends at Fiverr, this website serves as a great starting point for freelancers to learn how to be a better business person, whether you are new to being self-employed or have been your own boss for years.

Screenshot of Fiverr Elevate, a web site of video courses for freelancers

Today’s launch of Fiverr Elevate already contains great content, in the form of short videos, from six companies that are experts in different areas pertaining to freelancers. Topics covered include:

  • Creating proposals and invoices
  • How to shop around for health insurance
  • Saving for retirement
  • Incorporation choices

We’re excited to be a launch partner, covering the important aspects of the tax code. And we encourage our clients to take advantage of the resources and savings available to them through the other Fiverr Elevate partners.


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