2018 Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment Deadline Dates

If you’re reading this article, you likely already know that you need to be making quarterly estimated tax payments. The 2018 quarterly estimated tax payment deadlines are listed below.

If you need help preparing for an upcoming quarterly payment, start with this article.

2018 Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment Deadlines

Payment DeadlineRelevant Earning Period
Apr 17, 2018Jan 1 - Mar 31
Jun 15, 2018Apr 1 - May 31
Sep 17, 2018Jun 1 - Aug 31
Jan 15, 2019 Sep 1 - Dec 31

Note that, if you file your 2018 tax return before Jan 15, 2019, then you do not need to make this last estimated payment separately as it will be captured in your tax return filing.

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