Schedule of Visor’s Educational Tax Webinars

Updated on May 2, 2018

Visor leads a series of free educational tax seminars. We know how complicated it can be to stay proactive on your tax planning, so our seminars cover tips and tricks, and most importantly try to simplify key tax concepts. We want our clients to be in control of their personal finances, so there are never any bad surprises come April.

Whether it is major life events (getting married or having children), equity compensation (stock options or RSUs), major investments (from purchasing a home to cryptocurrency), your tax situation may be impacted. See below for our current schedule of upcoming tax planning webinars. Click on the link to register (they’re free!), and check back often as we’re always adding more sessions and new topics.

American Expats – Tax Planning While Abroad

This seminar focuses on the U.S. tax requirements for Americans living overseas. The U.S. has a worldwide tax system, which means U.S. citizens are still subject to taxes even if solely earning income abroad. There are also additional rules around reporting foreign bank accounts, and non-compliance penalties are steep. Learn about the rules to make sure you don’t run afoul of the IRS while living overseas. 

  • None currently scheduled

MBA Tax Planning Webinars

This seminar focuses on the eligibility requirements for deducting tuition expenses. We give this seminar on-campus at most top-tier MBA programs across the country (from Harvard to Stanford), and the tax savings from these strategies can be over $15,000 depending on your tuition expenses and income. We’ll cover how the deduction works, who qualifies, the average savings relative to standard education credits, and the risks involved. We will also give important updates for how this deduction changes starting tax year 2018 under the new tax law.

  • None currently scheduled

Overview of Taxation on Cryptocurrency

The tax treatment of cryptocurrency has received very little guidance from the IRS, but that does not mean it is not taxable. The IRS’s one piece of guidance is enough for us to know how to treat most situations, and the settlement between the IRS and Coinbase highlights the risk of not being compliant in reporting all income and capital gains. This seminar will highlight how different events are treated from a tax perspective and best practices for tracking and calculating your tax liability. We’re still in the wild west of cryptocurrency tax, so make sure you know the latest by joining one of these webinars.

  • None currently scheduled

Planning for Employer Stock Option Compensation

Stock options are a crucial component of any startup employee’s compensation package, but the tax implications are often misunderstood. Both incentive stock options (ISOs) and nonqualified stock optoins (NSOs) have lots of unique terminology and rules to follow. This seminar, replicating seminars we often lead in-person for startup companies, reviews the basics of option terminology, clarifies when a tax event is triggered, outlines the different exercising strategies, and shows some examples to tie it altogether. Don’t fall into the trap of accidentally causing a large tax bill due to your employer stock options by joining one of these seminars.

  • None currently scheduled


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